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As a leading brand of Dream Light Water Technologies Private Limited, WAWA Water Purifiers offer a broad portfolio of products, services and expertise to support a broad range of customers including residential, industrial, business, and recreational base. Water plays a major role in many aspects of our daily life. But, drinking water should be pure and hygienic otherwise, people may suffer from various water-borne diseases.

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We have more than 15000 customer base

To Provide the Purest Water for All 


To provide education and equipments to avail the purest water for everyone.

To educate about importance, requirement and scarcity of pure water.

Educate to maintain, preserve and use water sources properly.

Core Values

Comprehensive Growth Of The Team.

Pursuit of excellence.

High Quality Products.

Scientific Approach.

Uninterrupted service at doorstep.

Educate the customer & Be Loyal to the customer.

About our Products

Headquartered in the Thrissur district of Kerala, Dream Light Water Technologies Private Limited has over 18 years of heritage and innovation to deliver their brand WAWA Water Purifiers. We help more than 20,000 customers solve water challenges with over 15,000 installations in Kerala. Every day, hundreds of people and companies rely on us as their trusted provider to meet their water purification needs.

Water Purifiers


Water Treatment Plants


Water Dispenser


RO Plant


Waste Water Treatment Plants


Rain Water Harvesting

Our Services

Wawa purifiers and all types of water treatment plants services and maintenance.

Waste water treatment plants: STP/ETP service and maintenance.

RO Plant and UF Plant service and maintenance

Water Dispenser service and maintenance


Consumer protection award

Deepika Business excellence award

The concept of 'Jalamitra' originated from a single thought of Jalamitra Mission. It aims to make everyone protectors and allies of water by imparting knowledge to as many people as possible. In addition, it is the mission of each Jalamitra to protect the health of each family by raising awareness on clean water and health. JMCs or Jala Mitra Consultants are teams that works together with this one interest. Many of them work part-time and full-time. Attractive commissions, incentives, rewards, and opportunities to become payroll employees are available to JMCs.

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